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Master Books Math Lessons for a Living Education

Looking for a curriculum for that child that just finds math "boring?" Your search may be over.

This curriculum uses a similar philosophy to "Life of Fred" math books, where you follow a story through the math books. Math Lessons for a Living Education (MLLE) follows the story of twins Charlie and Charlotte throughout 6 levels of math, grades 1-6.

Each grade has a different story from visiting Grandma and Grandpa's farm to traveling to Peru.

This curriculum also has a nice set up because it is all in one. The answers are at the end of each book (except 6th grade, the book got too big!) and they have a whole section on using household objects for manipulatives such as crayons, construction paper and poster boards. That makes this curriculum very affordable.

Since the math is taught from a "real life" perspective, students are given opportunities to use math from that perspective and see how math can be practical in their lives. Each week, you will have a story to read and then have one lesson each day relating back to the story.

As with all Master Books products, they have a schedule in the beginning of the book that tells you how much to do each day. That means your lesson planning is already done for you! It also features a combination of "stories, narration, copywork, and projects that will appeal to active learners."

The following is what each level goes over: 1. Learning numbers 0-100, circles and patters, counting and addition, days of the week, and telling time.

2. Subtraction, writing numbers to 100, introducing word problems and measurement, and dollars and cents.

3. Column addition, introducing multiplication and division, and Roman numerals.

4. New fraction concepts, metric units of measurement, basic geometry, and averaging.

5. Factoring, improper fractions, common and uncommon denominators, and multiplying decimals.

6. Decimals, percentages, fractions, geometry, maps, graphs, equations, charts, and more

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