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CHSRC has successfully administered the PSAT test for over 20 years. When it was time to place our 2022 PSAT order, we were shocked we couldn’t do so. We discovered that our PSAT administration status has changed without any notice.  We have tried working with the College Board, re-applied to administer the test, done much research, contacted homeschool-friendly employees of the College Board, etc.  It has been confirmed that there is nothing we can do to qualify for the tightened requirements of the College Board.  

CHSRC is no longer able to administer the PSAT test. Homeschool students needing to take the PSAT test will need to register directly with a local school. 

 Registering to take the PSAT: We recommend contacting local public or private schools four months in advance of the October test date. To our knowledge, the College Board encourages public schools to allow homeschooled students to take the PSAT, but they do not require it. If you are an HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) member and a school will not accommodate your student, please contact HSLDA for assistance.  If you are not a member, use CHSRC's code 299808 to receive a membership discount. 

We want to thank the close to 1,000 students that have taken the PSAT at CHSRC! Thank you for your encouragement and the many notes of support we have received throughout the years such as the one we got from Clarissa:

“Good morning!  I had to write and give you my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all you do to enable homeschooled children to take the PSAT in such a positive, calm environment. My daughter took the PSAT last year through Covenant Home School Resource Center and had such a positive experience--although we didn’t realize truly just HOW positive and awesome it was until she took the SAT this past Saturday at our local public school.  She loved how CHSRC staff thoroughly went over the rules and instructions at the very beginning (which was hardly covered at all at the public high school). She loved how CHSRC had a large screen/projector with helpful info and apparently a large clock that counted down the time (she missed these at the public school). CHSRC staff was very kind, caring, and friendly, she said.  We truly felt fortunate to not only have the freedom to school at home in a warm, uplifting, positive, caring environment; but also, to have her first testing experience happen in a very similar positive environment through CHRSC. Thank you so much for providing this option for homeschoolers in our fine state.  Keep up the fantastic job you're already doing for the homeschool community--we sure appreciate all you do for us!!” 

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