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We are excited to announce that CHSRC will be offering the PSAT test this October!


For over 20 years, CHSRC successfully administered the PSAT exclusively to homeschooling families. Unfortunately, for reasons we never understood, CHSRC's testing status became inactive and we weren't able to offer the test for two years.


We tirelessly worked seeking every possible avenue to solve this problem. In the process, we discovered that more than ever, homeschooling families around the country were having a hard time registering for the PSAT. 


We also learned that CHSRC was not alone in looking for a solution. Arizona Families for Home Education, the Home Schooling Legal Defence association, and many other state leaders around the country were also looking for a solution to this problem.


With guidance from HSLDA, I started communicating with a representative of the College Board. Our testing status was soon reactivated! We are extremely thankful to once again have this opportunity available for homeschooling families.


The PSAT is no longer a paper and pencil test. It is now a digital test. Please visit the College Board for more information about the digital test.


CHSRC usually opens registration for the PSAT the first week in July. With the test being digital now, we are still learning new procedures. Our website will be updated regularly as the training process for the digital test continues.


It is wonderful to have organizations that seek to benefit the homeschooling community. If you find yourself in a situation where it appears you may have been discriminated against due to your homeschool status, please know you are not alone! HSLDA is a great organization to join, and so is AFHE.  We will We'll share our knowledge and answers with you or we'll direct you to other wonderful organizations such as AFHE and HSLDA.

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