CHSRC has successfully administered the PSAT test for over 20 years. When it was time to place our 2022 PSAT order, we were shocked we couldn’t do so. We discovered that our PSAT administration status has changed. We followed the instructions of the College Board reps and applied to continue administering the PSAT test. Unfortunately, our application has been declined. We have requested a reevaluation of our application.


We also contacted homeschool-friendly people close to the College Board, and we have learned that The College Board is tightening its requirements and many schools have lost their PSAT testing status. 


If you have a student needing to take the PSAT test, please contact your local public-school ASAP, if you haven't already done so. You can also find schools that are offering this test on the College Board's webpage. Meanwhile, CHSRC will continue working to solve this situation.


We want to thank the close to 1,000 students that have tested with CHSRC! Thank you for your encouragement and the many notes of support we have received throughout the years such as the one we got from Clarissa:

“Good morning!  I had to write and give you my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all you do to enable homeschooled children to take the PSAT in such a positive, calm environment. My daughter took the PSAT last year at GCU (through Covenant Home School Resource Center) and had such a positive experience--although we didn’t realize truly just HOW positive and awesome it was until she took the SAT this past Saturday at our local public school.  She loved how CHSRC staff thoroughly went over the rules and instructions at the very beginning (which was hardly covered at all at the public high school). She loved how CHSRC had a large screen/projector with helpful info and apparently a large clock that counted down the time (she missed these at the public school). CHSRC staff was very kind, caring, and friendly, she said.  We truly felt fortunate to not only have the freedom to school at home in a warm, uplifting, positive, caring environment; but also, to have her first testing experience happen in a very similar positive environment through CHRSC. Thank you so much for providing this option for homeschoolers in our fine state.  Keep up the fantastic job you're already doing for the homeschool community--we sure appreciate all you do for us!!” 

The 2021 PSAT was a huge success!

Thank you to all our PSAT families, staff, and volunteers!

PSAT 2021 information for reference:

COST (2021): $50

LATE FEE: $10 after September 16th, 2021

TESTING LOCATION: CHSRC is located on the campus of Sovereign Grace Bible Church

2940 W Bethany Home Rd. Phoenix, AZ  85017

(1/2 mile west of I-17)

Early registration ends September 16th, after which time a $10 late fee will be added, per registration form. Space is limited. We recommend registering early as we usually fill-up.

  • Check-in times:  7:30 a.m.- 7:50 a.m. Please arrive early in order to register in a timely manner.  

  • Doors close at 8:00 am. Testing will begin at 8:00 am and will end around 12:00 pm.  Students arriving late will not be admitted to the testing area. 

  • All students will be released together when the test is over.

  • Parents will not be allowed to interact with students during the testing time (including breaks).


Thank you to our wonderful testing sponsor.