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Donations and sales of used books are vital to the furtherance of CHSRC's mission; encouraging and equipping families for a successful homeschool journey. You may never know, in this lifetime, how your generous gifts have blessed other homeschooling families.


As a thank you for your donation, CHSRC will offer you a discount coupon for qualifying* used books, as well as, a tax receipt.  Your coupon is based on the following:


20% Discount Coupon

About 10 Current Edition homeschool books, in high demand, unmarked in good condition. 

10% Discount Coupon.

Various resalable* educational books and items in good condition/unmarked. 

Scroll down to see a more detailed list.  

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Thank you for donating your gently used items!


The homeschool books and education items we are looking for need to be mostly current edition and in good or better than good condition (meaning no water damage, used but clean, no extreme wear, complete, etc.)


 The items we are in most need of are:

  • Current edition homeschool curriculum.

  • Current Edition unmarked homeschool workbooks.

  • One edition old curriculum may be accepted (one edition old, meaning if the current edition is the 4th edition, the old edition accepted would be the 3rd edition.)

  • One edition old, teacher guides alone can’t be accepted but if they accompany the textbook or unmarked workbook, it is good! 

  • Miscellaneous DK or Usborn-style books.

  • Family-friendly chapter books and classics are always well-loved here at CHSRC.

  • Complete educational large-piece puzzles (Please keep in mind that the number of pieces needs to be one that our staff can easily count/verify they are complete)

  • Complete educational games that are easy for us to verify they are complete.

  • Children's books: Due to space issues we can only accept classic children's books such as Dr. Seuss, etc.

  • Vintage educational items or books in reasonably good shape may be accepted. 

  • Microscopes: In good usable condition/without need of repairs.

  • Beakers, and any chemistry/biology glass items and tools, need to be like-new/clean with no stains or residues.

  • Plastic chemistry and biology individual lab items, need to look like new. Non-discolored and clean.


Unfortunately, right now we do not have space for:

  • Science kits.

  • Chemicals

  • Most old edition curriculum.

  • Magazines.

  • Encyclopedias

  • General books that are not homeschool/educational specific.

  • Public school curriculum.

  • Store-bought per grade level general workbooks. 


If you have biology specimens, please let us know in advance so we can contact our science teacher to find out if she can use them.


Why don't we accept donations of cassette tapes or VHS tapes?

Because we're trying to fast-forward into the future, not rewind to the past!


*We reserve the right to not offer a discount on items that are not a match for the needs of homeschooling families.


Thank you!

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