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Picturing America

It's a well known fact, that your next child will happily use the same curriculum that your first child used. HA!!!

BJU American History was great for my first born but impossible for my second child. Fortunately, we were blessed to find "Picturing America!", made available by the National Endowment for Humanities and HSLDA.

It is explained on the picturing America website: "Great art speaks powerfully, inspires fresh thinking, and connects us to our past.

Picturing America, a project of the National Endowment for the Humanities, told America’s story through its art in forty large, high-quality reproductions of selected masterworks of American art from 1100 to 1996."

I chose the picturing America program for my youngest child's American History credit. My only problem with this curriculum is that I didn't like the name for her transcript. I approached my friend Karen Borg, CHSRC's Educational Director, and we came up with "American Art Studies in a Historical Context." It was a perfect description of how we studied history that year. Most importantly, that title was worthy of a high school transcript.

Picturing America is a great option for all kids, specially artistic kids. The picturing America curriculum can be used for all grade levels.

Picturing America was originally made available to homeschooling families with the agreement that they would pass it on to other families once they finished using the curriculum.

Right now, CHSRC has one copy of this wonderful curriculum available. Our desire is to bless as many homeschooling families making the Picturing America program available to rent at CHSRC. Families can check-out this curriculum leaving a deposit of $125.00. You will have the use of this curriculum for up to 9 months.You will be refunded $100.00 when the curriculum is returned within the agreed time period and in good shape ready to bless other homeschooling families in the greater Phoenix Area. The $25.00 charge covers CHSRC expenses and upkeep of the curriculum.

If you were one of the original families that signed up for this great program and didn't get a chance to pass it on to bless other homeschooling families, please consider donating your Picturing America set to CHSRC and we will make sure it blesses as many homeschooling families as possible.

To sign up to receive the Picturing America please contact our office at 602-277-3497.

Visit the Picturing America website for more information on this wonderful American through the arts History program.

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