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JANET'S CORNER: Homeschool Trade Association & Atlanta

At CHSRC we use some of the same skills we learned while homeschooling: We pray, we brainstorm, we organize, we plan, we research, we study, and we encourage each other. A lot of times, like homeschool moms, we find ourselves doing work that is normally done by “trained professionals.”

Always looking to improve our skills, we join groups and attend conferences to learn how to better do our jobs. This is why we are so blessed to have found the Home School Trade Association (HTA.)

HTA's mission is to serve the businesses that serve you, the homeschooling family, and last month CHSRC attended our very first out-of-state business conference in Atlanta, GA.

As you can imagine, Kris and I were extremely excited to attend. Thanks to our amazing teachers, Karen and Angie, and our intrepid Mackenzie, holding the fort, the trip was made possible . The question remained; was Atlanta ready for us?

We learned so much and if you own or work for a company that serves the homeschool community, we highly recommend joining this organization.

Of course, venturing to a new city can mean only one thing to former homeschool moms...FIELD TRIP!

After two days of intense workshops, amazing speakers, and creating new forever friends, Kris and I planned time to visit historical sites and fun places in Atlanta.

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