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One of my favorite things!

So many things at CHSRC make me think of the iconic song "My Favorite Things."


Some might equate testing to... "When a dog bites, when a bee

stings..." NOT at CHSRC. Perhaps, that is why our testing is one of my

favorite times.


For over 20 years at CHSRC, we have worked hard and purposefully

to make testing the best experience for all families involved. While our

proctors are trained to follow all testing regulations, they also focus on

promoting an environment that helps students relax and do their best during



I love break times. Most kids are a little nervous and apprehensive when they first arrive. By the end of day one, they have made new friends, and believe it or not, most kids are eager to come back for the second day of testing.


On day two, my main problem is that students want to stretch

their breaks so they can socialize more with their new friends. Good thing we

don’t need to worry about socialization and homeschooling!


Will testing become one of your favorite things? Perhaps not. But

testing at CHSRC qualifies as one of my favorite things.


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