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Bilingual Homeschooling

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By Janet Forte March 2023

In November, Carlidad Legere (AFHE Hispanic Initiative volunteer) and I were invited to the Hispanic Foundation Summit at the headquarters of BJU Press in South Carolina.


During this summit, our horizons were expanded! Right now, in Hispanic circles, the interest in homeschooling is growing faster than it has ever before.


HSLDA and various organizations are gearing up to serve and bless this growing homeschooling population. BJU Press specifically is translating their video course teacher guides to Spanish. That way parents who aren't fluent in English can still have an active part in their child's homeschool education while their children learn in English.

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Caridad and I returned to Phoenix, not only pampered by the great attention BJU gave us, but also full of knowledge and eager to share it with all Hispanic families in Arizona!


On February 22nd, CHSRC and AFHE collaborated to host a homeschool presentation in Spanish. It was delightful to encourage the wonderful families that attended our 1st Hispanic event,"¡Empieza Hoy tu Aventura con Homeschooling!


We would also like to thank MasterBooks for sending us books in Spanish that we gifted to our attendees.


Stay tuned. We have a few exciting announcements to come soon!


¡Estamos aqui para apoyarlos!

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