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Getting Started Homeschooling

You've chosen to homeschool? Congratulations!!! Like so many of us, you may find yourselves within a myriad of inconsistent feelings. Excited and eager at the same time insecure and overwhelmed! It is all such a contradiction. But don't fear. You are on the right track! You can homeschool even if at first it may feel like a foreign experience. Getting started homeschooling will be easier than you think.

A Foreign experience? Could cultural shock be part of the reason many parents tell us they are “terrified” as they consider homeschooling? The thought of homeschooling in many ways is a foreign concept. Considering the standard for over 100 years has been government education, it is only natural to experience different forms of cultural shocks as one becomes immersed in a different educational culture. In the last 40 years, more and more families have chosen to buck the trend and like them, you will overcome fears and insecurities as you discover first-hand the great benefits of this form of education/life style.

But will others support your choice? You mean you are going to dedicate your life to your kids? You know, homeschoolers are weirdos! You are going to waste your smarts and all your education to stay home with your kids when you could be having the career of a lifetime? Our culture may not value our children as we do. Raising the next generation is more valuable, more important than any career or any amount of money in the world. Even if we can’t do it all at the same time, there are ways for homeschooling moms and dads to adapt work schedules and still homeschool with the assistance of relatives, friends, homeschool co-ops, other homeschooling parents, etc. Forget what others say, be confident because you are not alone: You Can Homeschool! Lack of teacher training? At CHSRC we meet many homeschool moms with K-12 education degrees. They repeatedly tell us they have to retrain themselves to ignore a lot of what they were taught during their teacher training. Homeschooling is successful because it uniquely seeks the benefit of each individual child. The groupthink that occurs in most K-12 schools does not work at home. With the love and knowledge of your child’s individual personality and needs, you are the best teacher in the world for your kid. And more importantly, you don’t need to do it alone. There are many co-ops, support groups, online classes, and many tools that are available to your family as you create the plan for your child’s education. At CHSRC we highly encourage all homeschooling families to join a homeschooling group. The support and encouragement you will get from fellow homeschooling families is invaluable. Attacks from the evil one? I personally believe that the enemy (the evil one) likes to keep us thinking that dedicating ourselves to our children during their growing up season is a waste of our abilities. He prefers to have the greatest influence over children during their formative years. In our current world, where could this happen in the easiest form? The first place that comes to mind is public/government schools where rules and guidelines make it very hard for parents to become aware of what is being taught to their own kids. If you are feeling called to homeschool but feel unsure or even terrified, know that this may be a direct attack from the evil one. I encourage you with all my heart to ignore those lies and choose to fight them with prayer, truth, and relying on God, His word, and His love.

Children are blessings from the Creator. In the Bible, the Lord refers to our children as blessings (e.g., Psalm 127:3) Even if sometimes it may feel overwhelming choosing to homeschool, or any other challenge that comes with parenting; we must not lose sight that we are blessed! As you are researching homeschooling, or even if you are in a challenging homeschool season, know that you are not alone. Spending time meditating, researching, observing your kids, praying and talking with your spouse, etc., are very important and valuable steps of the process. But also, don’t forget community. Come visit us at CHSRC, join a support group, a prayer group, or any group that will encourage you and remind you that you are valuable and raising your kids is the most valuable endeavor you will ever be part of. CHSRC is here for you. If you need assistance you can schedule a private consultation or simply visit us any time during normal business hours. We are here to equip and encourage you. You Can Homeschool!


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