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Curriculum Highlight- James Stobaugh Literature

Covenant is beyond thrilled to be a distributor for Master Books! And are very excited to be representing MB books during the homeschooling convention. One of the products we will have available is James Stobaugh's World Literature. A parent does not need to be a scholarly expert to provide their kids with a great literary experience! This

curriculum leads the student through great works from various cultures throughout

history and introduces him or her to literary terms and concepts such as realism,

metaphor, romanticism, narrative, epic, and worldview to name a few. J.S.'s World

Literature counts as two high school credits for English and can be done in one

year or two. This is definitely a curriculum that prepares the student to develop

his or her higher reasoning skills and is an excellent preparation for success later

in college and life.

James Stobaugh also has written American Literature and British Literature.

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