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Going Global with Colene Lewis

Last month, we connected with Colene Lewis, who is the former AFHE co-president with her husband Tom, and invited her to share with you about the new curriculum she has written together with her daughter Heather Haupt...what a treat!

Books, books, and more books with not enough time to preview them all! Have you ever wished for a trustworthy person to wade through all the books in the world to find the very best for your children? Colene Lewis happens to be that person!!! Recently, she spent over a year of her life dutifully reading and critiquing hundreds of children picture books so you don't have to.

As we just celebrated Black History Month in February, we were so excited to learn that Colene has a wonderful blog post dedicated to her compilation of Beautiful Books that Encourage Redemption and Racial Reconciliation. It’s a great read filled with many great books that, as Colene says, " build empathy and develop a conscious which are part of the highest calls of parenting."

Speaking to Colene was such a blessing. In our video you can gain great wisdom from this veteran homeschool mom and grandma! After Colene and Tom finished homeschooling their girls, Colene remained connected to the homeschool community by teaching at conferences and working at the Alliance Defending Freedom.

At present, Colene and her daughter, Heather Haupt, have written a literature-heavy, movement-rich curriculum called Go Global. It is designed for eager five through eight year old children (plus their younger siblings) using engaging books and interactive learning environments. This curriculum has most definitely been written with the homeschool family in mind! It even includes tidbits and suggestions specifically designed for parents who are new to homeschooling.

Checkout our video to learn more about Go Global and hear some of Colene’s recommendations that will be sure to bless you! I hope you take advantage of the wonderful book lists available on Colene’s website Cultivated Learning.

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