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Have you ever wanted to start a project and reality keeps getting in the way? Ever since I started working at CHSRC, I have wanted to have informational workshops.

Working at CHSRC is actually like giving individualized mini workshops all day long. I know we have the knowledge to share, now if we can only find the time to organize the material, create packets, promote the event, manage registrations, AND still keep CHSRC running.

Finally, voila!!! The light bulb went on!

Instead of hosting broad-scoped, hours-long workshops that require large amounts of planning, let’s create simple five to ten minute Q&A sessions about individual homeschool related subjects!

These Q&A sessions will be available online using the Facebook Live format.

When applicable, we also want to invite parents to attend the Q&A sessions in person. Live Q&A participants will have the added benefit of reviewing related theme materials AND receiving information specific to their child(ren).

We pray these short videos will bless the homeschool community. Please plan to join us for our first session, details below.

Tuesday, March 12th

9:30 a.m.

Please email any questions you would like us to cover.


April 16th, Supplementing with Classes

May 14th, How to Homeschool Through College

May 30th, Year-round Homeschooling

June 11th , Supporting the Arizona Homeschool Community

August 6th, How to Get Started Homeschooling

August, tbd Homeschool Success Stories

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