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Curriculum Highlight- Answer in Genesis Multi Age Science


Answers in Genesis

God's Design for Science Curriculum

Are you looking for an exciting, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-teach science curriculum? Would you like flexibility to teach all your students (3rd -8th grade) AT THE SAME TIME? The God's Design for Science by Answers in Genesis may be a perfect fit for your homeschool!

Each of the four individual science topics contain three all-inclusive books with 35 manageable lessons that take a fun, hands-on approach kids love.

  1. God's Design for Life

  2. God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology

  3. God's Design for the Physical World

  4. God's Design for Heaven and Earth

These richly illustrated, multi-level books (3rd-8th grade) include separate grade-level projects and hands-on activities that engage your students and reinforce the lessons learned.

Each lesson begins with a read-aloud section and vocabulary words, followed by lesson review and application questions. In addition to the 35 lessons (per text), God's Design books include feature articles about famous historical scientists, as well as, other 'Fun Facts' your students will enjoy.

Finally, the unit project, at the end of each book, connects and reinforces all the lessons your students have learned.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! God's Design textbooks are written from the biblical/creationist perspective and help develop a deeper faith by understanding how science and the Bible's written record are connected.

Overall, God's Design curriculum is a great choice for homeschool parents, with multiple 3rd-8th grade students, wishing to provide not only great academics, but also, reinforce their faith in the Bible.

God's Design for Life Curriculum

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