Arizona Exceptional Students Association

Last month, we started what we thought would be short monthly Q&A Facebook Live videos aimed to help answer the many questions that homeschool families ask. After our first Q&A on testing, we decided to schedule several more on different themes. What is it they say? When we plan… God laughs?

A few days after our first Facebook Live Q&A, we just so happen to meet Michelle Harris, a homeschool mom with special needs children. Michelle came to CHSRC to test her kids using our individualized IOWA testing service. As we got to know Michelle, it was apparent that this mom knew her stuff and our CHSRC staff was blessed to have this opportunity to speak with her and learn so much about homeschooling with special needs kids. I couldn’t help myself, I HAD to do it. I heard myself asking Michele, “Would you like to do a Facebook Live with us?”

Special Needs Q&A with Michelle Harris from the Arizona Exceptional Students Association (AESA)

If you have special needs children, or friends that do, this video has an amazing amount of practical informatio