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JANET'S CORNER - Vacations!

If you heard that Janet is crazy, you must have heard right! Going on vacation right before CHSRC’s busiest week of the year? Who does that?

Do you want to guess what the next best (or worst) day is to come back from another vacation? Ummm, maybe on the first day of CHSRC classes?

Would you believe me if I told you this will be my sixth trip in one year? Homeschooling moms on a tight budget, in all the ups and downs of life I know God gives you so many gifts each day of this wonderful homeschooling season! And once you are done homeschooling, He won’t stop. You have no clue what gifts God is going to give you!

I am so thankful for the spirit of homeschooling adventure and learning-that never goes away.

A field trip to Philadelphia disguised as a Chess tournament? Yes!!! I confess, I only watched my hubby play for two minutes before I left to explore historic sites and discover the beginnings of this amazing country!!!

Back from Philly just in time for our biggest sale of the year and the homeschool convention. Then off again to a family reunion in Oklahoma. Why does a Peruvian girl have a family reunion in Oklahoma? Because, her mom is from Iowa.

Home for two days… Let’s go to the Marine Corp Recruit Depot in San Diego to watch my nephew graduate from boot camp! Yes, we must go celebrate with him! Wow! Little did I know that a Marine Corp graduation would be such a wonderful experience for family and friends. The ultimate American fieldtrip…Semper Fi!

I will only list my other trips for the curious because I don’t want to sound like I am bragging.

In September I went with my brother and niece to Washington DC. to the beautiful wedding of a Peruvian cousin. We also got to tour the White House, Library of Congress, National Archives, the Supreme Court and so much more! It seems never ending all you can see and learn in DC and it can be done quite affordably!

Easter in Canada, I went to help my youngest daughter and her husband move from a small town closer to Vancouver, where she worked. Mind you she didn’t stay long there, they will be moving to China at the end of the month (the unlikely story of a world traveling homeschooler and her South Dakotan husband for another newsletter!)

Lastly, right before we start classes, I will be going to the wedding of a cousin in Michigan.

Now, before I leave again, I would like to thank you, our wonderful homeschooling families for allowing us to serve you, and for supporting CHSRC. Without you, your curriculum donations, your encouragement, your patience when we are working understaffed; without you, we would not be able to serve so many new homeschooling families or provide discounted used books all in one location! Thank you from all of us at CHSRC.

If you happen to come to CHSRC and see that I am gone, please give Kris, Kenzie and Karen a big hug and thank them for helping me hold down the fort. They work so hard preparing for the convention, the BIG sales, our Open House, the first day of classes, AND Kris and Kenzie let me boss them around to make sure everything is ready for you!

God bless all homeschooling families for the 2018-2019 school year!

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