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What is the best time to return from vacation? Of course, on the first day of CHSRC’s busiest week of the year!!! It is truly an amazing day to become energized by the excitement of homeschool moms finding the curriculum they need and, at the same time, saving tons of mula!

The first day of the sale is forget-about-personal-space day. There is barely enough room to walk around. Wednesday, is still busy but not too crowded! Thursday, the last day of our sale, is like a family reunion with out-of-town moms, who usually start arriving around 3pm, eager to save a load of money on used curriculum. They don’t depart CHSRC disappointed and then it’s off to their hotel to rest or party homeschool-style with friends and create, or re-create, their route between speakers and vendors for the hectic convention weekend!

The crazy week only gets better… on Thursday, after we close, we load the remaining stock of MasterBooks and head off toward the Phoenix Convention Center. Did you know we actually get to drive our cars into the building? It’s a small thrill, I know, but we’ll take it ;) Finally, we see our eager volunteers waiting to unload and finalize our booth set-up!

In a blink of an eye Friday is here! Rise and shine it’s the first day of the homeschool convention!!! We don’t only get to represent MasterBooks but we also get to encourage and inform many homeschooling families that recognize us from CHSRC. They often have many questions about the various curriculum they have been analyzing and studying over the weekend and we are happy to help.

One fun addition this year was our photo booth! The most favorite prop was Wonder Woman! Of course, homeschool moms are more than super heroes! And even better, because they joined the fun, we awarded several wonderful moms gifts! Sherry O. received a 50% discount of one PSAT test. Lily B. won a 50% discount of class registration, which she is using to cover the registration fee of the Archery Club CHSRC sponsors! And Connie O. received a 50% off coupon for used books!

What an amazing and crazy busy weekend! We wouldn’t have been able to do it and remain sane without the help of our wonderful volunteers, the Ortega Family and Jacob and Luke Carnes. Thank you homeschooling people of the world!

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