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Master Books!

What to do when you are done homeschooling your kids? How about start working at a homeschool resource center! That is what my friend Donna and I did! In order to keep informed and connected with the next generation of home educators, we attend the homeschool convention. One year, Donna was even more excited than normal when she pulled me to a new vendor called Master Books. “They are republishing James Stobaugh’s books!” She exclaimed. We were both so excited because while we were still homeschooling we used James Stobaugh’s literary curriculum and loved it!

Even if we decided to become MB distributors for the sole purpose of carrying Mr. Stobaugh’s curriculum, we quickly became fans of all of Master Book’s products.

Let me mention some of the reasons we are proud to carry this wonderful curriculum.

Science: MB has thoughtfully created high quality science sets that can be used for multiple grade levels. In addition, real, living books replace the common dry textbook! Popular sets include: Pre-med studies, Astronomy, Engineering, Anatomy and so much more!

Math: For elementary grades, MB recently published Math Lessons for a Living Education, which are Charlotte Mason flavored, well organized, affordable and engaging grade level books that use real-life stories and practical application. Donna, Covenant’s math guru, delighted in the quality and scope of the MB math curriculum. One of her favorite middle school titles is, Katherine Loop’s Principles of Mathematics Book I. This wonderful book effortlessly guides students through concepts of arithmetic and geometry—preparing your student for High School success!

Answer in Genesis: Master Books also publishes popular books from Answers in Genesis. At Covenant Home School Resource Center, we have, in stock, a large selection of the popular AIG elementary, multi-grade, science curriculum God’s Design for…, which include God’s design for Life, God’s design for the Physical World, God’s design for Heaven and Earth, and God’s design for Chemistry and Ecology. Why did we like Mr. Stobaugh’s books so much? I will tell you in an upcoming CHSRC newsletter!

Meanwhile, come visit us and check out the wonderful selection of Master Books we have at CHSRC.

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