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Applause at the PSAT?

This year we rented a lecture hall from Grand Canyon University for our annual PSAT testing that CHSRC offers exclusively to homeschool students. We are extremely grateful to GCU for providing great signage and a very comfortable testing environment for our homeschool students.

I would also like to thank Miss Eydie Oppedal. She takes the responsibilities of the CHSRC PSAT Proctor position very seriously! Each year she thoroughly studies the PSAT Supervisor Manual and completes online training, through the College Board, in order to serve our students well!

Additionally, Mackenzie Savage deserves great appreciation for her expert assistance during testing. Of course, let us not forget our co-workers Kris Carnes and Karen Borg, who together, held down the fort at CHSRC. I heard it was a very busy day at CHSRC!

We thank God for all the wonderful students we had a chance to serve on October 14th. I will always remember this group; after a break, when Miss Oppedal announced the last section of the test, the students spontaneously burst into applause! Quite an enjoyable moment before we continued on with the last section of the test.

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