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$125 deposit.
Receive $100 back after you return Picturing America.

For more information visit or call CHSRC. 602-277-3497

 In order to help young people follow the course of our National story, the Picturing America program, created by the National Endowment for the Humanities in partnership with the American Library Association, is offering reproductions of some of our nation's most remarkable art to homeschooled students.

Materials include a set of twenty large reproductions (24X36 in.) printed on both sides with high-quality color images, the Teachers Resource Book, and additional resources you can find here. 


The Teachers Resource Book is intended to help K-12 instructors use the images to teach core curriculum subjects such as American history, social studies, civics, language arts, literature, science, math, geography, and music. The essays are written to give you enough information to lead a discussion of each image. The accompanying teaching activities are organized by elementary, middle, and high school levels. At the end of the book, subject indexes arranged by discipline connect topics to specific images, so that teachers can choose which and how many images they wish to incorporate into their existing lessons. 

Teacher resource book.jpg


The selection of paintings, sculptures, architecture, and decorative arts represents a broad range of American art, spanning several centuries. The works belong to American collections that are accessible to the public and were selected for their quality, range of media, and ability to be grouped in ways that expand their educational potential. The narrative qualities of the artworks make them accessible to those untrained in art, and the images are appropriate for children of all grade levels. None are too complicated for a first-grader; none are too simple for a high-school senior. They are large so that a whole co-op class might view them at the same time, and they are made to last. The images require no special equipment to project or download and can be hung on the wall with pins or even tape.  Here are a few examples of what you can find in the Picturing America program. 

robert gould shaw and the fifty fourth regiment memorial.jpg

Robert Gould Shaw and the Fifty-fourth Regiment Memorial

by Augustus Saint-Gaudens


Freedom of Speech

by Norman Rockwell

jacob lawrence the migration of the negro panel number 57.jpg
falling water frank lloyd wright.jpg

Fallingwater House

by Frank Lloyd Wright

louis comfort tiffany autumn landscape the river of life.jpg

Autumn Landscape- The River of Life

by Louis Comfort Tiffany

louisa keyser willow western redbud and bracken fern root.jpg

Willow, western redbud, and bracken fern root

by Louisa Keyser

The Migration of the Negro Panel no. 57

by Jacob Lawrence


Picturing America On Screen has created this innovative collection of videos based on the artworks included in the Picturing America project.  Each video ranges from 4-to 8 minutes and can add interesting commentary and background to your lessons.

Rental fee: $125

Refundable: $100 when the set is returned. 

We have three sets available.  Call us to reserve your set!

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