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“Beautiful! Thanks to your staff, the church, family support and more for making it all possible.”

— Jill S


Understanding how to best serve the homeschool community is Covenant Home School Resource Center's highest priority. To serve means to help others thrive and that has been the mission since our inceptionEquip and Encourage families for a Successful Homeschool Journey.

Success comes in many forms and CHSRC desires to offer the best resources and curriculum bookstore possible to hard working homeschool families. Learn more about what you can find at Covenant Home School Resource Center. 


PSAT- offered exclusively to homeschool student each October. 

IOWA- perfect introduction to group testing in a friendly homeschool environment

Classes- CHSRC is proud to specialize in exciting, hands-on, lab intensive science and art classes.

Workshops- comprehensive microscope and dissection labs to compliment your at-home Biology course.

Homeschool Curriculum Bookstore

CHSRC is proud to offer a new and used homeschool bookstore that carries many popular curriculum publishers. Visit us during business hours, call 602-277-3497, or email and we will be happy to help you find exactly what you looking for. 

BONUS: you can also find educational games, math manipulatives, science supplies and specimens.

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