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Board Meeting


As Covenant Home School Resource Center continues to grow and expand we have an exciting opportunity for energetic individuals to contribute to our mission and make a lasting impact on the homeschooling community.


Mission Statement: Covenant Home School Resource Center is dedicated to encouraging and equipping families for a successful homeschool journey.


Vision Statement: Each family has the knowledge and resources to provide the best education of their choice so that each child has the opportunity to flourish academically and grow into the fullness of his or her God-given design.


Opportunity to Serve: We are currently seeking individuals who are passionate about home education, dedicated to the values of homeschooling and CHSRC, and eager to contribute their skills and insights to our organization. Serving as a board member of Covenant Home School Resource Center provides a unique chance to shape the future of homeschooling, influence policy decisions, and help families thrive in their educational endeavors.

Why Consider Joining? By becoming a board member, you will join a team of dedicated individuals committed to making a positive impact on the lives of homeschooling families. Your expertise and passion will contribute to the success of Covenant Home School Resource Center and, by extension, the success of countless homeschooling journeys.


If you are interested in joining our board or would like more information, please fill out the application at the bottom of this page. We look forward to the possibility of working together to empower families for a successful homeschool journey.

Board Member Job Description

Orientation and training are provided to make sure directors are comfortable and knowledgeable in their roles; previous board experience is an asset but not required.



A team player with an interest in homeschooling and furthering the CHSRC mission to encourage and equip families for a successful homeschool journey. Directors must be willing to:

  • Commit time for regular Board meetings, committee meetings, and planning sessions.

  • Attend special events.

  • Volunteer at special events, as required.

  • Engage in critical thought and be committed to a vibrant future for the organization.

  • Prepare well for meetings, reviewing and commenting on minutes and reports.

  • Listen well and be thoughtful in considering issues.

  • Get to know other directors and build a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus,

  • Actively participate in the board’s annual evaluation and planning efforts.

  • Understand the fiscal implications of decisions.



  • Provide strategic leadership.

  • Be knowledgeable about the organization’s values, mission, programs, and performance.

  • Be an ambassador for the organization and promote its work in the community.

  • Ensure the organization’s financial viability and sustainability.

  • Develop policy frameworks.

  • Employ and evaluate the performance of the Executive Director.

  • Participate in fundraising efforts.


To carry out these responsibilities, the Board meets each quarter throughout the year. In addition to attendance at Board meetings, you may be required to participate on committees.


The Board is comprised of up to nine members elected at the Covenant Home School Resource Center 4th quarterly meeting, typically held in April. Terms range from one to three years and are staggered so that no more than one-third of the Directors are being replaced or reelected in any given year. Members may serve a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms.

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