CHSRC is the only brick and mortar bookstore dedicated to providing the BEST in curriculum and resources to the Arizona homeschool community.

Conceived by co-founders Holly Craw and Karen Borg, in 2000, CHSRC continues to this day to equip and encourage families for a successful homeschool journey.  

The Founders Speak

The Transition in Pictures

Covenant Christian School building, c. 1980
Construction begins, c. 2002
Classrooms transforming into a bookstore, c.2002
The finished CHSRC, c. 2018
Busy bookstore, c. 2018
So many great books always in stock.
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What do people say about us?

"I wanted to thank you so much...

"I wanted to thank you so much for all of the amazing books you offer. We are so grateful for these resources, especially having been withdrawn from school yesterday! Thank you so much!!! We are so grateful for your store, and we love you all! Thank you!!!" -Lindsey S

"Beautiful! Thanks to your staff....

“Beautiful! Thanks to your staff, the church, family support and more for making it all possible.” -Jill S

"Thank you for the great experience...

“Thank you for the great experience as this was our first time but certainly not our last. My youngest (1st grade) had so much fun. He asked if we had one more day of testing.” -Christine L

"Good morning! I had to write and give you my heartfelt thanks...

“Good morning! I had to write and give you my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all you do to enable homeschooled children take the PSAT in such a positive, calm environment. My daughter took the PSAT last year at GCU (through Covenant Home School Resource Center) and had such a positive experience--although we didn't realize truly just HOW positive and awesome it was until she took the SAT this past Saturday at our local public school. She said it was so dark, depressing, and so very different from her experience at CHSRC. She loved how CHSRC staff thoroughly went over the rules and instructions at the very beginning (which was hardly covered at all at the public high school and left her quite confused on parts). She loved how CHSRC had a large screen/projector with helpful info and apparently a large clock that counted down the time (she missed these at the public school). The staff at the high school were unprofessional and disheveled (she said the administrator "looked like he had come in off the streets and hadn't showered in a week"). CHSRC staff were very kind, caring, and friendly she said. The bathroom at the public school was the worst she'd ever seen in regards to graffiti, foul language, and overall DARKNESS--how sad. She said she had to shut her eyes in there, it was so bad. We truly felt fortunate to not only have the freedom to school at home in a warm, uplifting, positive, caring environment; but also to have her first testing experience happen in a very similar positive environment through CHRSC. Thank you so much for providing this option for homeschoolers in our fine state. Keep up the fantastic job you're already doing for the homeschool community--we sure appreciate all you do for us!!” -Carissa S

1117 East Devonshire Ave.

Phoenix, AZ  85014


Classrooms transforming into a bookstore, c.2002