How CHSRC started - A Story of Faith, Friends and the Father

In the spring of 2000, at a time when homeschooling was barely gaining acceptance, Holly Craw, a homeschool mom, hosted a workshop about local resources. She invited her friend, Georgia Nickele, who in turn, invited her friend Karen Borg. Karen just happened to be the director of Covenant Christian School (CCS), which was in its last year of offering classes as a private school, but, was open to continue serving the homeschooling community!

A pre-cursor to the homeschool co-op

The parent-driven Covenant Christian School served a small but dynamic mix of church families and homeschoolers, whose parents happily served as either board members or teachers. Karen remembers with pride and nostalgia, “It was an AWESOME program! During those 22 years we often had homeschoolers that would attend various classes. “

That fateful day, after Holly’s presentation, she shared with Karen about her vision of a place where homeschoolers can find curriculum, services, and advice, all at one location. It seemed as if their hearts and spirits were brought together by the Lord.