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 Monarch is an online program offered by Alpha Omega Publications.  It is similar to Switched on School House or Lifepac, but  it is done online instead of CD's or workbooks.  To receive a  a 30 day free trial please  go to  and enter CHSRC's special offer code: 


You will not be asked for any credit card information.  It truly is a FREE 30 day trial!  After you create your account, you will be able to choose classes for your student to try out. 

The free trail includes: Bible, History/Geography, Math, Language Arts, and Science.
This program uses automatic grading for 85% of questions!  You only need to grade the short answer questions.  Also, it is very customizable.  In the teacher section, you can un-assign assignments you don't want your student to complete or even whole lessons if it's something they have already gone over.

Sign up today!

If you find out this curriculum is a match for your needs, after the 30 day trial AOP will let you know how to sign up for the program.  

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