Meet Our Teachers!

Angie Collett - Art

Angie Collett’s first experience teaching art to children began at age 13.  Since that time, she has taught numerous classes to both children and adults. She has organized and facilitated many creative events, and is looking forward to another fun, creative year teaching art at Covenant where she has been teaching since 2009.

Angie enjoys leading in the creative process allowing children to explore different mediums, their own ideas within a concept, problems solving with creative thinking during a creative process, and just have fun being creative! 

Angie’s own creative background as a mixed media artist crosses over into her teaching as she introduces children to a variety of mediums including but not limited to clay, plaster gauze, watercolor, collage, acrylic, pen/ ink, fabric, and hand stitching, and more.

Angie would love to have your children in her class as they expand their creativity, make new friends,  gain confidence in their artistic expression, and have a lot of fun!

Karen Borg - Science

Karen Borg, our director and one of Covenant’s founders, has been teaching homeschoolers since the year 2000. From 1980 to 2000, Karen taught science at Covenant Christian School (which was located at our current resource center.)

Karen is one of Covenant’s most beloved teachers. Her love and passion for her students, for science, and her desire to be innovative and continuously improve her classes, has benefited and blessed the hundreds of home-schooling students she has taught since Covenant’s inception.


Mrs. Borg’s students get to experience an array of hands-on experiments plus as applicable for upper level classes she incorporates interesting guest speakers and field trips.

Karen teaches all of our elementary-age science classes, 7th and 8th grade science classes, Physical Science and Biology. Some years she also offers Forensics.

Donna Dukes - Chemistry

Donna Dukes is a previous homeschool mom who homeschooled her own two children all the way through high school.  She has been teaching  Chemistry for nearly 16 years in co-ops including a class at Covenant and currently does Chemistry Workshops at CHSRC. 


After her children graduated, her love for learning inspired her to go back to school in order to become a gteacher. She now has her degree in Education from Northern Arizona University. 


Currently, she teaches high school science and robotics at Valley Christian High. Donna loves to inspire her students with her excitement and love of chemistry.

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