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Tax Credit – Don’t Miss this Opportunity!

Did you know FHH is a Qualifying Charitable Organization with the state of Arizona? This means your support of families or individuals in need...


Arizona’s Charitable Organization tax credit law allows individual taxpayers a tax credit of up to $400.00 or up to $800.00 as a married couple filing jointly. In return, the donor receives a dollar-for-dollar reduction on their Arizona state tax return. This credit can be taken in addition to the school tax credits, and the foster care tax credit.

FHH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and has a notice of certification that it is a Qualifying Charitable Organization. .

If you have questions regarding how this works, please Contact Us.

Dear Friend of CHSRC,

From our meager beginnings, Covenant Home School Resource Center’s heart has been to support and encourage the Arizona homeschool community. Many years, thousands of hours, and countless volunteers lovingly toiled to bring into existence what you see today...a charming little homeschool resource center. 


In everything, God has been with us; guiding, encouraging, and supplying the vision. So much so, CHSRC is bursting at the seams and struggling to house all His gifts.  


Ecclesiastes 4:9 Two are better than one…


For the last few years, CHSRC’s board and staff members have been praying and looking for a new home.  We now see God moving to bring two established homeschool ministries together in collaboration for the benefit of the homeschooling community.


We are pleased to announce the launch of MoezArt Productions Capital Campaign with the goal of finding a new home for both ministries.

Founded in 2002, MoezArt has grown from one location with 16 students staging eight shows a year to seven locations with 300 students staging more than 100 shows a year. Now the Lord has given MoezArt a vision for a home of their own that will also host Covenant Home School Resource Center. 


CHSRC and MoezArt are excited to obey His call to faith-filled action. 


Through the extreme generosity of a donor, we have been given a $250,000 matching grant that will double every dollar given during this inaugural phase of our capital campaign! Practically speaking, we will have an immediate 100% return on any donation you make by December 31, 2018. If you are anything like we are, no matter how much you give, you always wish you could do more. Now, the matching grant makes that possible. The homeschool community will enjoy many benefits when we establish a central, permanent home. 

With this collaboration, what are some of the
benefits we aspire to gain for CHSRC families?

· A bigger location in a much safer neighborhood
· Bathrooms in our own building
· Classrooms with running water
· Space for workshops
· Separate space for consultations
· Separate office space for CHSRC staff members
· Separate sorting/storage room


CHSRC will never stop thanking First Reformed Presbyterian Church for so generously hosting us, praying for us, encouraging us, and supporting our ministry all these years. We are also eager to follow God’s leading, along with MoezArt, in our Capital Campaign, “Following Him Home.”


If God is causing this opportunity to resonate in your heart, we ask you to convert that into action.


How can you help?

First, pray for wisdom and insight as we follow the Lord’s leading.

Second, donate as you are led. 

Third, share this exciting opportunity with family and friends. 


Nothing is more impactful than your testimony of how God is using CHSRC to glorify Him and bless your family!  Click here to leave us your testimony.

We have found no greater privilege than serving God and the homeschool community in Phoenix. Thank you for your continued support as God continues to grow our ministries.


Join us on this journey and support the next step for CHSRC and MoezArt!


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Thank you!