About Us
Covenant's Mission
Our mission is:
To encourage and equip families for a successful homeschool journey.
What Covenant Is
• Covenant exists as a resource for homeschoolers.

We are a local Arizona 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Your donations bless other families, and you can also receive a tax deduction for them. That is a double bonus for you!

Our on-site bookstore has a variety of popular used curriculum and books, many brands of new curriculums, science supplies, math manipulatives, and surprising extras.

We offer classes for home-schooled students and workshops of interest for the whole family.

We have staff and volunteers who are veteran homeschoolers, ready and willing to answer your questions. Contact us at 602-277-3497 or info@chsrc.org.

If you are interested in standardized testing, we offer both the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and the PSAT.

We create photo ID's for both parents and students right here on the premises.

Covenant is pleased to be a sponsor of the local chapter of Eta Sigma Alpha, the National Homeschool Honor Society.

We do not replace the parents as the main educators. We desire to be a resource to help parents in their home-schooling endeavors.

What Covenant Is Not
• Covenant is not a school.

• Covenant is not a support group; however, we are pleased to promote your support group and provide our facility for it.